This isnt my first game playing Warhammer but its the first time I got round to talking about it online.  Probably should give you a warning, I unashamedly will be biased throughout this post.

If youre not into Warhammer then you might not understand all the terminology but Ill try not to use too much slang. No promises though.

My noble and courageous High Elves against the army of a friend of mine, Bryan, or Bry-dogg if you want his street name his foul and altogether stinky Nurgle Daemons.

We need to get things clear, our armys are still relatively new and thus largely unpainted. Youll see in the pictures, but if you dont like it? Well who cares eh, I dont owe you anything.

Well apart from supporting my blog with your audience I suppose.

Alright lets get on with the important business:


Set up thusly:

The glittering host of Prince Natharian the Valorous. Please excuse the Blight Drone standing in for a Noble Battle Standard Bearer on an Eagle

And Bryans Daemons

Boo, hiss right?

I took pictures of the magic cards my Archmage rolled (all the best ones) but I wont bother posting them up because of what happened in my first turn

Early game

I moved into position, using my faster moving Ellyrian Reavers, BSB Eagle and Flamespyre Phoenix to my left knowing the opponent would have to present their rear to them if they wanted to fight my ranked units to my right.

I was getting excited to use my Shadow magic, since I had all the best spells to wipe out even the Blightkings. Off the bat I used The Withering but I fluffed the casting, rerolled a die using the book of Hoeth and then Miscast in the worst way. Fortunately my Banner of the World Dragon in the Swordmasters saved the unit from losing 18 models(!) and just lost the few you see below.

Tragically I lost the Archmage. FIRST TURN OF THE GAME.

Quite a terrible first turn for me. Tommo, a spectator, laughed his rollicks off. Curse his eyes.

Bryan had a chuckle then scared off my light Calvary who misjudged the charge arc of the Plagebearers. The rest of his army moved towards my infantry blocks.

Manuevering and posturing. Nothing of real note, except my Ellyrian Reavers fleeing the table and the Flamespyre Phoenix performing fly-by BBQs of the Plaguebearers.

My BSB broke his Ring of Fury. Lord of the Rings he aint.

The Great Unclean One, Greater Daemon of Nurgle and all round stinker, did manage to cause himself a wound by blowing himself off.

Seems magic was just not going to work this game.

The most heroic actions of all time. Ever

The Great Unclean One got close, close enough to threaten my lines next turn. The best chance to kill him was the regiment of Swordmasters and their super banner that made them all but invincible to Daemons, but would leave them open to a beating from 10 Blightkings. Also, the horrible old Beasts of Nurgle were going to eat my poor old Spearmen alive, with or without Prince backup.

But I had a plan

Thats right, criss-cross! As you can see from the picture above, the Great Unclean One is gone. The Swordmasters charged the Beasts and the Spearmen charged the big old Daemon. The Prince challenged and with his Potion of Strength, cut the Daemon down like a sick dog in Korea.

Little unlikely he would do it in one, but with combat resolution I should have banished it anyway.

End Game

Fighting ensued, lives were lost, Elves ran..

Prince Natharian, tired from killing a Greater Daemon and narrowly avoiding being ran down by the Blightkings, left the Spearmen to their doom and joined the Swordmasters

who made an expert tactical withdrawal worthy of praise alongside Dunkirk.

Learning points

This was a great game. Tactically both of us made great moves. Bry-dogg was clever to lure my Swordmasters into a fight with the Blightkings using the Greater Daemon.

I shamelessly used the Spearelves as a speed bump and ran for the hills.

Bryan decided to use two smaller units from now on, since he could eliminate the escape route of the Swordmasters. He also said hed be more aggressive with the Soulgrinder and fight infantry rather than chase flying units.

I learnt I would rather a Reaver Bow on the BSB instead of the Ring of Fury. And that cowardice works.

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