Ive been playing a few games of Warhammer Fantasy lately and am honestly enjoying myself. Thats right, someone is playing a Games Workshop product and enjoying themselves. It happens, get over it!

Me being me, I went High Elves. Arrogance and superiority aside, I love the concept of Swordmasters and magic, so it was pretty much an automatic choice. Its a bugger I have to paint carefully in a bright scheme to make the army look nice. Check out this monstrosity that just didnt work:


Ok it aint terrible but it just looked flat. So I changed to a more conservative High Elf theme:

Get it?

Now Ive got a fledgling army under my wing, I have played a few games against some mean old Lizards, smelly old rats and even smellier hippies, and had a gay old time.

Id like to write a battle report or two, though the biggest challenge there, is to remember to bloody take pictures of the thing! I will be chronicling the story of this hobby soon enough though, giving credit where its due (to me) and bringing to task my opponents on their dirty, underhanded tactics (everyone whenever they kill anything of mine). This is the internetz and I reserve the right to crusade behind my keyboard!

See this as me coming out about my interest in Warhammer. Im prepared for repercussions and will probably never speak to good looking lady again.

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